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Nanjing Rotorua Town Progress
Slides show of the Nanjing Rotorua Project

Work on Nanjing Rotorua Town began in September 2005, with a projected Stage 1 opening date of November 2006.

The commercial street and the clubhouse are among the first buildings to be completed, with the clubhouse to house the subdivision showroom and sales centre.

The unique nature of the project, with its background of international communication and participation, has attracted a lot of buyer attention in Nanjing. Project sales centres on site (April 2006) and downtown (May 2006) have been supported by more than 50 advertisements and attendance at four large real estate exhibitions, with good results.

The Nanjing Mingyue Construction Group, together with the Nanjing Daily and the city’s Environment Protection Bureau, organised a Rotorua environment protection tour at which they planted a tree in observance World Environment Protection Day 2006.

The planned tour received huge publicity and attracted thousands of applicants for the 15 positions available. A short list of 30 candidates was interviewed before the final 15 were selected.

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Pictures of the Nanjing Rotorua Project

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