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Rotorua is a major sporting centre in New Zealand. Sport is part of the Rotorua culture with a full range of sporting opportunities available in the district from New Zealand’s traditional primary school rugby, netball, hockey and cricket to Mountain Biking Championships.

There are more than 140 sports clubs and organisations in the District, with a combined membership of over 13,000 residents.

With Rotorua’s central North Island location and world class sporting infrastructure and services, living in RotoruaHealth will provide you access to a number of regional, national and international sporting events - such as the annual Rally of Rotorua,  to name but a few. Rotorua is the centre of New Zealand's golfing industry, boasting unequalled central location with access to 17 golf courses (18 hole) and 7 (9 hole) within an easy drive, 3 covered driving ranges - two within walking distance of the central business district and a hospitality industry that is geared up for golfers.

Rotorua has world class teaching and practice facilities for all with the world renowned Rotorua Boys High School Golfing Academy, providing a special opportunity to combine a sporting career with study.The list of national and international golfing achievements by Rotorua's young golfers is outstanding - from twice winners and current title holders of the World Inter Collegiate Golf Championship through to holders of NZ Woman's Under 21 Stroke play and Match play Champion and a number of NZ Maori Champions.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a popular outdoor activity that has grown rapidly in the number of participants over recent years, with millions of people around the world regularly mountain biking. Mountain bikes are by far the most versatile of all bikes, able to be used in all weather types throughout the entire year. Mountain biking attracts people from all age groups, both sexes and is suitable for both individuals and larger social/family groups. Located on the central plateau in the North Island of New Zealand, Rotorua has some of the best mountain biking in the Southern Hemisphere. Rotorua’s mountain bike tracks are  located on free draining volcanic soil, offering superb all weather, all season riding. The numerous lakes, thermal areas, lush forest (native, redwoods, pine and eucalypts), stunning scenery and panoramic views make mountain biking in Rotorua a unique experience. The mountain bike trailheads are located only a few kilometres from the city centre, making them easily accessible without a vehicle. To find out more follow the links> >Mountain Biking in Rotorua Click to Download Reader


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