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Living in Rotorua, one of the world's premier tourism destinations, provides you with an abundance of opportunities to embrace the local shopping experience. With over 500 stores Rotorua has an excellent mix of small boutiques and speciality retail shops through to the fast developing national and international chain stores located in the Rotorua Central Mall.

Rotorua provides a unique shopping experience with the CBD location of the Rotorua Central Mall containing most of the national and international chain stores complementing the connecting main street shopping on Tutanekai street - all leading to Rotorua's lake front.

The experience is enhanced with the vibrancy created by the visitor industry meaning you are never far from a high quality café to rest up while you energise yourself for the next session of retail therapy. Rotorua's Central shopping area has undergone considerable improvement over recent years including a council driven beautification project which has seen terracotta street kerbing, Edwardian lighting, cobblestones and improved pedestrian walkways.

There are also a number of satellite urban shopping areas within the district and city itself, providing the convenience of most essentials within 5 mins drive from home or business.

City Focus

The City Focus is in the heart of the Central Business District, at the intersection of Tutanekai and Hinemoa Streets.

The City Focus was designed as a place for community activities in the city centre. Consequently, you will see musical, dancing and theatrical performances.

Displays also by sporting, cultural, and religious groups, displays about education, health, careers - all sorts of things.

To find out more about City Focus follow this link: City Focus

Check out the retail section of our business directory to find out more obout Rotoruas Shopping opportunities.

The Rotorua CBD revitalisation project

The CBD revitalisation project is about developing a shared vision for the revitalisation of the Rotorua CBD.

The vision is to create a public space where residents and visitors can enjoy recreation, outdoor dining, retailing and entertainment activities within a safe and attractive environment.“

Rotorua is a unique city, not only in New Zealand, but also in the world. The potential offer of Culture, Natural Environment and Geothermal resource, provide a great attraction to both National and International tourism. If correctly captured and integrated into the CBD, the economic benefit to Rotorua and its surrounding areas would be substantial .

CBD Stakeholders Update Click to Download Reader (This document is 3MB in size 68 pages)
Rotorua CBD Revitalization Strategy Click to Download Reader (This document is 850 KB in size 25 pages)

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