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Rotorua's People


Rotorua’s population is estimated at 67,600 (as at June 2003), the 16th largest population centre of New Zealand’s 74 cities and districts. Rotorua is a cosmopolitan district with an increasingly multicultural population. 

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The population of the main urban area is estimated at 54,800, with almost 20% living in rural and lakeside areas. Due to the Rotorua District’s visitor icon status in New Zealand and overseas, on average, there are more than 8,000 visitors per day staying in Rotorua’s commercial accommodation.

Including people of mixed ethnicity, the major ethnic groups in Rotorua District are European (72%),Maori (36%),Pacific Islands (4%) and Asian (3%). Rotorua’s population profile is becoming much more multicultural than it has been in the past, including increases in residents from the Pacific Islands, South Africa, Asian countries, and many other parts of the world. Rotorua’s population profile isHealth also relatively youthful but, like other parts of New Zealand, is gradually growing older. Official projections show that the district is expected to have only moderate residential population growth over the coming decade, with more rapid growth in the eastern suburbs, northern rural areas and eastern lakeside areas.

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