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Healthcare in Rotorua


A full range of public and private health services are available in Rotorua, with access to medical and emergency services available around the clock.

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The principal funder and provider of health and disability services in the Rotorua District is the Lakes District Health Board. Lakes District health board provides secondary services under Lakeland health through their Rotorua Hospital. The services provided include medical, surgical, women’s health, child health, elderly, mental health and related support services.

Rotorua also has
QE Health , a New Zealand icon provider of specialist rheumatology, Hospitalrehabilitation, research, surgical and SPA Services.QE Health’s icon status comes from the unique utilisation of geothermal resources in their treatment facilities for massage, mud baths and mineral pools. The hospital is renowned for its holistic approach, using a combination of complementary and conventional therapies in the medical management of various arthritis, musculoskeletal conditions and chronic pain.

Rotorua is also home to one of the most innovative independent practitioners associations (IPA) in the Rotorua General Practice Group,leading the way in innovative youth & child health initiatives and are the first IPA to become a Primary Health Organisation delivering low cost health care to all community members.

Lakes Web Health
We believe that people have the strengths and abilities to find their own solutions to issues in their lives when they have access to the best possible information and resources.Find a Health or Social Service such as a counsellor, family service or a GP. Keep up-to-date with what’s happening in your local community. Find quality information relating to health and wellbeing.

Rotorua – Natures Spa of the South Pacific

Located in the heart of an active geothermal area, the special spa properties of the local waters have long been utilised for recreation, energy and therapeutic programmes by the native Maori and all who have arrived since.


Rotorua’s reputation as a natural spa destination dates back more than 160 years when the Pink and White Terraces were considered the eighth wonder of the world. Visitors were also drawn by the natural therapeutic waters. Despite the destruction of the terraces during the erruption of Mt. Tarawera in 1886, Rotorua’s legacy as a spa destination lives on.

Today Rotorua is undergoing a renaissance as a spa city and is perfectly placed to offer residents and visitors alike the chance to rejuvenate themselves in mind and body.

Hot mineral pools abound, from in-house at hotels and motels , thermal pools such as Waikite, Blue Baths and the Rotorua Aquatic Centre to upmarket complexes like Polynesian Spa and Wai Ora Spa at Hell's Gate. Q E Health utilises geothermal mineral waters in numerous therapy processes and is the national centre for treatment of rheumatic diseases.

By living in Rotorua your quality of life will be enhanced by the unique natural spa industry of Rotorua.

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