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Rotorua offers excellent educational opportunities at all levels, with high standards of learning from pre-school through to secondary, tertiary, special needs and beyond.

It is easy for students of all levels to excel in the relaxed distraction free Rotorua educational environment with smaller class sizes and a greater opportunity to access the many extra-curricular activities that come with studying in the unique Rotorua environment.
Our many schools, educational and training establishments, are well supported by enthusiastic, professional staff, libraries and the latest technology. Schools in the area have been supported by the Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust, particularly in the areas of computer literacy and information technology. This funding has resulted in all schools having their own high class technology suites which are the envy of many other regions in New Zealand.
We pride ourselves on high academic levels of achievement as well as in a range of sports, cultural pursuits, the arts and other extra curricular activities providing a well-rounded education for all.
Rotorua supports its main industries with specialist tertiary level education including degree courses in tourism, health and forestry. Trade and industry courses are also available in a wide range of career choices.
The relevance of these courses to industry attracts students nationally and internationally, helping Rotorua to develop a reputation as a truly excellent "centre of learning".

Pre – School Education (3-5 years)
Rotorua has 89 licensed early childhood services in the District providing an early start to the formal education of more than 3,400 Rotorua children annually. These early childhood services are delivered through a range of kindergartens, day-care centres, pre school groups and Te Kohanga Reo (catering for the development and preservation of the Maori language and culture).

Primary School Education(6-11 years)
Rotorua has 13 urban primary schools, and 11 rural primary schools offering easy access to quality primary education throughout the district.

Intermediate School Education (12-13 years)
Rotorua has 3 urban intermediate schools, offering your children access to high class secondary school preparation education.

Secondary School Education (14 plus years)
Rotorua has 6 urban, and 1 rural secondary school, offering easy access to a wide range of high quality curriculum and extra curricular activities in this unique Rotorua educational environment.

Tertiary Education (15 plus years)
Rotorua has access to high quality tertiary education opportunities through Waiariki Institute of Technology, Te Wananga O Aotearoa as well as a number of private training organisations. The Ministry of Education as well as the Tertiary Education Commission offer support mechanisms to the region.  

One of New Zealand’s top university educational experiences Waikato University is only 1 -1.5 hours drive away, completing the full complement of tertiary education opportunities for the Rotorua District.

All of these institutions offer full, part time, adult education and educational block courses in a wide range of subjects including commerce, industry, health, forestry & wood processing, tourism, arts, Maori culture, as well as a full range of apprenticeship courses.
Special mention should be made of the Waiariki Institute of Technology’s high-tech training sawmill, which is used for education, research and the showcasing of key industry equipment. The facility meets a wide range of training and research needs for a wide spectrum of clients.
This  is also be the site for New Zealand’s Centre of excellence in wood processing known as the the Waiariki School of Forestry . Established in 2002, the Waiariki School of Forestry's aim is to develop technical expertise and research capabilities to equip students with the necessary skills to transform the wood processing industry from its current commodity orientation to one that focuses on high value-added products for export. Course emphasis is placed upon innovation and the development of products and processes, as well as developing industry leaders that are able to manage the change and transformation process.

Foreign Student Education in Rotorua

As New Zealand’s premier tourist destination, Rotorua offers a unique foreign education experience for a wide range of overseas students. Rotorua’s lakes, forests and central geographic location offering close proximity to the ski fields and beaches mean fantastic recreational opportunities to support the learning environment.
The safe environment provided by a city the size of Rotorua, along with its strong multicultural component, are key selling points for the city. Rotorua’s central location makes it easy to visit other centres, and the air links from most international airports are very good.

Rotorua has a well established ‘English as a Second Language’ (ESL) industry, with well developed markets from all around the world. The Asian regions are the predominant markets for international education currently in Rotorua."English as a Second Language" is offered in all Rotorua secondary schools and tertiary institutions as well as two specialised English as a Second Language institutions, Rotorua English Language Academy and the New Zealand Language Institute. Waiariki Institute of Technology also offers excellent training in the English Language through their well equiped english language department.

Secondary and tertiary institutions in Rotorua are working together to attract foreign students to the city.The city’s five secondary schools, Waiariki Institute of Technology and the Rotorua English Language Academy, have banded together as Education Rotorua, under which they will promote Rotorua as a premier destination for foreign students. The seven have signed a memorandum of agreement in standards of operation and home stay, for international students learning English as a second language.

Overseas students who choose to come to Rotorua for English language studies, have unlimited choice of where to go for their university studies. It’s a bonus that they are not formally linked to any university. This gives foreign students who’ve come to Rotorua a wide choice for tertiary studies.
The co-ordinator for Education Rotorua says foreign students provide a significant boost to the local economy on a number of levels and the multi cultural environment created by Rotorua’s premier tourist destination status provides a welcoming and supportive environment for international students.
Most foreign students are in homestay situations, where they form close links with their host families. The families enjoy the contact and are reasonably well remunerated for their time and trouble.

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