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Rotorua Culture


Spirit of a Living Culture

Living in Rotorua will enable you to participate in the experience of the unique culture of Rotorua, the heartland of New Zealand’s Maori culture.

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For more than 160 years the Arawa people of Rotorua have been guiding visitors thorough the natural thermal wonders they have called home for six centuries.Their welcoming tradition has been passed down from generation to generation along with an enveloping warmth, proud spirit, deep sense of history and quick humour.

Opportunities to come face-to-face with Maori culture abound in Rotorua – in performances, arts & crafts, in expertly conceived displays, at a traditional hangi meal and in encounters with local Maori as part of this wonderful community. Be impressed by modern Maori innovation and technology then share the history through legends and stories of overpowering love, tragedy and everyday life, relayed through song, dance and art. The culture of Rotorua is encompassed in the Rotorua – Feel the Spirit – Manaakitanga brand It’s our catchcry – and holds a powerful promise.

From the moment you arrive in Rotorua, New Zealand, Manaakitanga begins.
Manaakitanga is a deep-rooted concept in Maori Culture, one which places a responsibility on we as hosts to give you the very
best of ourselves, our time and our history. It’s a tradition we are proud of; one that will give you a special feeling that will linger long after arrival.We invite you to come and experience the essence of New Zealand all in one place.

Maori heritage

The foundation of Rotorua’s cultural profile, was established more than six centuries ago when the Arawa tribe settled in the Rotorua and Taupo areas. Maori culture is a major influence within the overall culture of Rotorua, and is reflected in place names, brand and locations throughout the District. The present-day Rotorua District is a heartland of Maori culture in New Zealand, and holds an unrivalled position as a cultural tourism destination. Around eleven percent of residents are bilingual in Maori and English.

Ethnic diversity Hospital

The major ethnic groups in the District are currently European (72%), Maori (36%), Pacific Islands (4%) and Asian (3%). (These add to more than 100% because people can classify themselves in more than one group).Immigrants to Rotorua come from many parts of the world. According to survey results, most of all residents feel that cultural diversity makes Rotorua a better place to live.

Arts and culture

Rotorua has a wide diversity of arts and cultural activities and events. Local achievers have gained national and international recognition in many artistic fields, including singing, acting and kapa haka. A recent addition to the local arts community is the development of the Rotorua Arts Village with funding from the Rotorua Trust. The village is managed by a charitable trust, and provides a central venue for clubs to meet and to run classes.

For an up to date list of the events in the region please click here:


Older persons

In twenty years time, around one in every six residents will be aged 65 and over. This age group will become increasingly diverse in terms of ethnicity and culture. Ongoing implementation of Council’s Older Persons Policy aims to ensure that older people remain valued and supported in the community, and that older people have input into addressing local issues that affect them.

Youth culture

Rotorua is a great place for young people to grow up with excellent educational, cultural and sporting opportunities and no shortage of things to see and do, along with plenty of interesting people to meet on a regular basis thanks to the thriving Rotorua tourism industry.

Rotorua’s young people have adopted many features of global youth culture, including musical interests, fashion styles and figures of speech. Popular pastimes for Rotorua young people include hanging out with friends, listening to music and playing sports. Rotorua District Council supports young people’s development through the implementation of its Youth Policy and annual Youth Action Plan. Council’s approach is to find a balance between responding to the immediate needs identified by young people and developing longer term strategies which strengthen local services and youth involvement in decision making.

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