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 Economic Overview of Rotorua 

 Live, work, invest and do business where the rest of the world comes to play!

Rotorua Employment and Career Opportunities

Rotorua’s economic output is estimated at $2,3 billion per year. Rotorua’s estimated economic growth rate is currently steady at around 2.4% per annum, slightly above the trend at the national level.

 A growth rate of around 2.6% per annum, in line with national projections, is projected in the longer term. Labour force participation has increased substantially over the past decade, and unemployment has recently fallen to record lows. Rotorua’s occupational profile is gradually changing, with fewer agricultural workers and increased numbers of manufacturers, professionals, teachers and other service occupations. Census results show that the most significant industries in the District in terms of employment include retail trade (employing 3,500 people), manufacturing (3,500), property and business services (2,550), health and communityRotorua Employment and Career Opportunities services (2,500), agriculture and forestry (2,400), accommodation, cafés and restaurants (2,300) along with education (2,300). Fast-growing sectors over the coming years are expected to include trade and tourism, machinery and equipment manufacturing, wood products manufacturing, health, education, forestry and transport and logistics. There are a number of available sites for new investment in the Rotorua District, particularly for light industry.

Rotorua Employment and Career Opportunities

Major new developments include a 22-hectare business park opposite Rotorua Airport, as well as a rural 67-hectare site greenfield site in Rerewhakaaitu to accommodate strategic wood processing industries and the recent opportunity being developed alongside the Waipa Sawmill site.



 Business confidence

Rotorua Employment and Career Opportunities

Council commissions a 6 month survey of Rotorua firms to assess trends in business confidence. The results are compared with those of a national survey undertaken by the National Bank
The local confidence indexes are showing signs of increasing confidence, with most of the indexes continuing to climb.

On a positive note

  • Rotorua businesses and households expect local general business conditions to increase. This was the same trend for Rotorua economic activity.
  • Personal income levels are expected to increase and profits for business are also expected to increase.
  • Businesses are planning to invest more into their businesses and keep promotion at December 2009 levels.

On the negative side,

  • Rotorua residents expect prices to increase and interest rates to rise.
  • Rotorua households expect local unemployment to increase while Rotorua businesses expect levels to remain at December 2009 levels.
  • Businesses involved in exporting reported an expectation of increasing export levels.
  • Residential construction businesses expected increasing volumes of construction. Non residential construction businesses reported an expectation that their levels of construction would remain at December 2009 levels. 

Source APR Consulting Rotorua

Follow the link below for a full download of the survey

 Business Confidence Survey December 2009 Click to Download Reader 



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Rotorua Employment and Career Opportunities

Rotorua offers exporters like us everything we need: reliable workforce, central location, easy access to ports, low overheads and a lifestyle that can’t be beaten”

Mike Low – General Manager, Hayes International

Rotorua Employment and Career Opportunities



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