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Opportunities New Zealand 2006
Join Destination Rotorua Economic Development at the ‘Opportunities New Zealand Expo’ in the United Kingdom later this year.
Destination Rotorua Economic Development’s General Manager, Mark Rawson said this is a fantastic opportunity for local employers to engage with highly skilled workers from the United Kingdom looking at moving to New Zealand.
“We took part in the expo in London last year for the first time to help local businesses find highly skilled and experienced workers.  The experience was invaluable and we had very good success.  We expected to get between 150 – 250 enquiries and actually got more than 350,” he said.  “Most of the people had a wealth of experience in their chosen fields, with the average being more than 12 years.”
The 10 businesses and organisations that came on board as partners last year were very pleased with the results they received.  Mr Rawson said it was great to record that Rotorua’s stand was the busiest during last year’s show. 
Most people cited lifestyle (98 per cent) as the main reason for wanting to move here.  “People are keen to make the move to Rotorua because of our natural environment and the excellent quality of life that it offers.  They are also looking for a safe environment and good educational opportunities for their children.  Our central location and the tourism infrastructure are also appealing, plus houses are affordable and there’s very little traffic congestion,” he said.
Besides lifestyle, 92 per cent of those attending last year’s event were seeking employment, with two-thirds planning to arrive within 12 months (75 per cent).
“We had such a great success rate that we want to build on that and have decided to attend two events this year, one in London on 13 – 15 October and another in Manchester on 21 – 22 October.  This will give us access to far more potential workers, with a focus on professionals, middle to upper management and tradespeople.”
The employment expos are the only ones of their type in the UK and are dedicated to attracting people specifically to New Zealand.
Economic Development is looking for partners to attend or represent at this year’s shows.  “We’ve already had interest from a number of groups, particularly those who were involved last year.”
Mr Rawson said recruiting workers from aboard could be very expensive, you only have to think about what it costs to advertise outside of New Zealand, let alone actually engage with people who want to emigrate.
“It is far more effective for all of us to work together.  We will have a stand at both events this year and partners also get to promote their businesses and the jobs they have available in a variety of ways.  The promotional book we produced last year was very well received and we plan to do this again this year.  We also use banners and other promotional material.  But the real value is in the detailed enquiry database, which helps us to supply businesses with suitably matched potential candidates.”
“Our greatest strength is coming together under a regional banner.  This has proved to be far more effective than being involved in industry clusters,” he said.
Anyone having problems finding highly skilled workers, with a wealth of experience, then this really is a fantastic opportunity not to be missed. 

Contact: Jo Gargiulo at Destination Rotorua Economic Development,
telephone 348 4199 or email:


Jo Gargiulo
Employment Skills Co-ordinator
Destination Rotorua Economic Development
Rotorua District Council
Phone 07 348-4199 or 350 0209 Ext 8543

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