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The Rotorua District is the envy of all those involved in the education sector in New Zealand.

As well as receiving funding from the State, the more than 25 primary schools, three intermediates, six high schools and local institute of technology, are also assisted to some degree by the local Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust, which has provided funding for a myriad of educational facilities and projects.

All secondary schools are equipped with health and wellness centres. Rotorua Boys High School has a multi-purpose Millennium Centre and has risen to world prominence with its extra curricula activities such as rugby and golf. Rotorua Girls High School has recently completed its new state-of-the-art Arena, a magnificent venue used by the whole community for cultural, sporting and social events.

Rotorua’s Education Centre is an innovative ‘one stop shop’ for the professional development of all teachers in the Rotorua District. A place for everyone, the Centre is about teaching and learning, and about making technology available as a tool from the very beginning of children’s lives. It includes the new online learning community, dubbed ‘Rotorua Connected’, a wide area network that links the 46 schools in the Rotorua District, providing principals and teachers more time for teaching and learning.

Another innovation has been the recent installation of the Oticon ‘Soundfield’ Active Learning system in all the classrooms at primary and intermediate schools in the
Rotorua District, making it the largest concentrated group of schools to have the system in New Zealand. This learning technology involves the teacher wearing a microphone that transmits his / her words to classroom speakers using FM radio signals and has resulted in an increase of oral language and literacy skills, as well as classroom harmony.

Rotorua is home to an independent Catholic education facility and due to its central location, close to a number of other independent boarding schools in Cambridge, Hamilton and the Hawke’s Bay, all within a pleasant two – three hour’s drive of the city.


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