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Rotorua District Council

“Tourism city … facilities and infrastructure the envy of other cities … sound reputation … high levels of satisfaction with the quality and range of services …”
One of New Zealand’s leading established tourism cities, Rotorua has facilities and infrastructure that are the envy of many cities elsewhere. Rotorua District Council (RDC) plays a significant role in the provision of many of these services.

The diverse work of Council has a significant direct impact on the lives of the city’s residents and the organisation’s reputation in the eyes of its residents is extremely sound and positive. Annual independent surveys continually reveal very high levels of satisfaction with the quality and range of services provided for the Rotorua community.

RDC provides a wide range of services including roading, water, wastewater, environmental planning and building control, animal control, environmental health, tourism and retail marketing, economic development, a regional airport, a variety of event venues, a library, an award winning museum and a popular aquatic centre, to name just a few. The Council is nationally recognised as a leader in best practice in many areas including ‘state of the environment’ reporting, levels of service and asset management planning, as well as long term council / community planning.

The governance arm of Council comprises an elected mayor and 12 elected councillors. Their key responsibilities relate to strategic policy development and performance monitoring, along with ensuring compliance with legislation such as the Local Government Act and Resource Management Act.
Elected members. collectively employ only one person, the chief executive, who in turn is responsible for the employment of Council’s 500 staff and for managing its £0.2 billion (NZ$0.5 billion) worth of community assets.

Council is currently making significant strategic infrastructure investment in a trans-Tasman capable airport directly linking Rotorua with the eastern seaboard of Australia and investing £40 million (NZ$100 million) in new lakeshore settlement wastewater schemes, as well as employing the latest environmental planning techniques for reviewing land use practices to optimise sustainable management.
P. +64 7 3500209, extn 8110
F. +64 7 350 1758
Job Prospects
Rotorua District Council welcomes all queries from suitably qualified professionals interested in joining our dynamic team.

We fully realise what a huge commitment moving to another country will be for you and your family (and pets) and totally support all aspects of relocation to ensure the transition is as smooth as we can make it.

Senior engineers, building officers, planning and environmental planning professionals are some of the skill shortages we have filled from overseas over the last 12 months.

Rotorua District Council provides a very supportive and positive working environment with a management style that encourages initiative and innovation, rewards success and above all else celebrates the ‘spirit of service’.

Rotorua District Council is an accredited employer with the New Zealand Immigration Service’s Talent Visa Scheme. 

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