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Best Decision Ever










Name Sarah-Jane Batey
11 months
Office Manager
Waterskiing, wakeboarding, mountain biking, skiing, anything outdoors

For Sarah-Jane Batey and her partner, moving to Rotorua is the best decision they have ever made. “My partner was studying as an osteopath, which is a worldwide occupation, and a job came up in Rotorua and he accepted.” She says their lifestyle is now incredibly different from what it was in London. “It is a less stressful pace of life, with more time to spend on free time and outdoors. It is so much better than London - the whole overall package.”

Sarah-Jane says the cost of living is comparative. But while the salaries are generally lower, and certainly not on par with London, over there they couldn’t afford a car whereas now they both have one and also have savings – which was never possible when they lived in London. She doesn’t think food is cheap but by contrast, taking part in activities is. Any outdoor activity is appealing to Sarah-Jane, who enjoys waterskiing, wakeboarding, mountain biking and skiing. She says she wouldn’t have had the chance to do these activities if they stayed in London as it just isn’t set up for it.

The biggest challenges of the move have been leaving family and friends, especially as they had never visited New Zealand before coming here. But she says they have met an amazing group of people who were very welcoming and they are now extremely well settled. “Basically we were starting again but it’s not been as difficult as we imagined.”

Sarah-Jane says they are very happy to be in Rotorua because of the change to their quality of life, as well as the fantastic people who have treated them like family. Also important has been the opportunity to do things they couldn’t do in London – like being able to afford to buy property as they now have savings in a very short space of time.

Sarah-Jane says they are encouraging friends to move out from the United Kingdom as the move has “definitely been the very best thing we have done”.







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