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Name Rebecca Whalley
Hertfordshire, then Tauranga, New Zealand
7 years
Float Plane Pilot
Mountain biking, running, snowboarding, swimming in the ocean

A work opportunity flying floatplanes led Rebecca Whalley to live in Rotorua 12 months ago.

Rebecca says her mother’s side of the family came from New Zealand, which encouraged her to come out. She initially lived in Tauranga but a work opportunity saw her move to Rotorua. Rebecca says it is a very accessible place, close to everything – just two and a half hours to the mountain for skiing and less than an hour to the beach.

“The lifestyle here is very relaxed. It is a good lifestyle with lots of outdoor living. Kiwis are into outdoor sports and these are available for a larger part of the year due to the climate.”

This outdoor lifestyle sees Rebecca take part in mountain biking, running, snowboarding and swimming in the ocean. The greatest challenge for Rebecca in moving to New Zealand has been “turning my whole world upside down and starting again – but this has been enjoyable as well, as you have to make an effort to get back to something that works for you.”

She says the best thing about Rotorua has been her job, taking the next step in her career.

“There is also so much to do outdoors, the people are laid-back, and it is fairly safe. It is also very beautiful, with the lakes and mountains and so on.”

While Rebecca is happy in New Zealand she says she would like to return to the United Kingdom to fly and further her career, but she says she would definitely recommend Rotorua as it is beautiful, with lots to do, it is close to everything and there is no traffic. She thinks it would also be a great place to bring up children.









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