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Central Location Lures Family










Name Paul Dunlea
Ireland, lived in London and other parts of New Zealand
Site Manager at Sealed Air
Tramping, boating, mountain biking

Lifestyle was the main attraction for Paul Dunlea, his British wife and 14-month old-daughter when they chose to live in New Zealand.Paul says with so few people there just aren’t the traffic, social and economic issues created with population density.

“We felt New Zealand was the right place for our family.”

Paul and his family came to Rotorua as a result of a job transfer from within New Zealand having emigrated here from London.“The quality of life is many times better here. It is safer and there is no traffic. Although things like culture and theatre are not readily available here.”

Initially, Paul says he had a two-year work visa and then he applied for residency. He says immigration was no problem. It was all handled in New Zealand. Since living in New Zealand he says he has noticed a difference in incomes versus the cost of living. “You do earn less but the cost of living is less – so it is good as long as you stay in New Zealand but it does make holidays back to the United Kingdom expensive.”

He says they have enjoyed getting into the outdoors.

“In the United Kingdom we would have to travel a lot to do activities and we wouldn’t have been able to own a boat as there was no storage. It would be an absolute luxury in the United Kingdom but in Rotorua every second house has a boat in its driveway.” Paul says the greatest challenge has been leaving family behind. But, he says it is a much less pressured lifestyle and they are much more content.

“We have lived in other parts of New Zealand and like Rotorua. It is very central and is close to the beach and mountains.”

“Our family has everything they need in Rotorua,” Paul says.





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