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Working Holiday Leads to Move










Name Lizzy Eckersley
Glasgow, Scotland
18 months
Physiotherapist working in Vocational Rehabilitation
Mountain biking, running, diving, triathlons

A nine-month working holiday in New Zealand has turned into an indefinite move for Lizzy Eckersley from Glasgow, Scotland. Lizzy says she initially came to New Zealand on a working holiday visa but she really enjoyed Rotorua, liked the people and the surroundings and so has decided to stay on. Rotorua was Lizzy’s choice as a place to live because there were so many things to do - and a job came up.

“The quality of life is much better than in the United Kingdom. I think I do work slightly longer hours now but you don’t have the big commute and also access to things like mountain biking at the weekend.”

She says her salary is probably about one-third less than in the United Kingdom, but things cost less so it probably works out about the same.

Lizzy is very into outdoors activities including mountain biking and running in the Redwood Forest and diving. She has also started taking part in triathlons – and just completed the Special K Triathlon.“I definitely wouldn’t have done mountain biking in the United Kingdom. Lots of people do it here, same as diving - I didn’t realise how much fun it was until tried it.”

Getting used to having family living overseas has been the main challenge for Lizzy but she says she has got into a good flat and met lots of people. But she is a bit disappointed as the shopping is not quite so good here.

The best things about moving to Rotorua for Lizzy are being able to do so much outdoors, like diving or skiing at the weekends, or going camping ‘Kiwi style’. Lizzy says she would “definitely recommend Rotorua to people from the United Kingdom” as a place to live – at the moment she is staying indefinitely.






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