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Name Charlotte Wilkinson
6.5 years
Self employed
Boating and fishing

Finding the United Kingdom was becoming too crowded and having family in New Zealand, enticed Charlotte and Nigel Wilkinson to move their family here six and a half years ago.

“New Zealand was the only option,” Charlotte says. They came to Rotorua after Charlotte got a job via the Internet. Charlotte says Rotorua is good because of its central location - only two and a half hours to Auckland, close to the beach, mountains and airport – so you can easily fly to Christchurch, and can also go boating on the lakes.

“It’s a perfect location,” she says. “The quality of life is incomparable. We came here for quality of life – we actually live here, we don’t just work.”

Immigration didn’t cause the Wilkinson’s too many problems. They found the New Zealand Expo really helpful and ended up going through the immigration process themselves.

“The immigration website was fabulous but there was a lot of paper work to get through. We found that if you planned and sorted it, it was quite easy to do yourself.”

In the United Kingdom, Charlotte says they were both working and had two good salaries. Since they came to New Zealand it has taken six years to get back to the same point they were at – and for five years of that time they have only had one income.

“We definitely find the cost of living better here,” Charlotte says. In the United Kingdom they lived in a three-bedroom house on an estate, now they have a four-bedroom house on a quarter-acre block. “The space just doesn’t compare,” she says.Life is for Living







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