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Name Caroline Sines
18 months
Reading, walking and travel

After being fortunate to sell a second house in the United Kingdom, Caroline and Paul Sines took a six-month world trip. They travelled all over and fell in love with New Zealand. Caroline says, “It is a very clean paradise - so we went home and sold up.

”We wanted to be in tourism and we knew that Rotorua was one of the most visited places in New Zealand. I have a background in sales and marketing so while I had no tourism experience I knew I could market something.

“There is no comparison to life in the United Kingdom. Everything and everybody is more relaxed. It is not competitive like the United Kingdom.” She says their lifestyle has changed completely. It is less structured and far more relaxed. However she has found that it is very expensive for day-to-day products like groceries, electricity and the phone. “There is a real lack of competition, which is not in line with the rest of the world.

”Immigration, she says, was a bit of a rigmarole but they faced no real issues with it.

Now they are in Rotorua, Caroline and Paul own a bed and breakfast. Paul is playing golf, which he didn’t have time for in the United Kingdom.

Caroline and Paul weren’t married in the United Kingdom and didn’t want children but feel differently about that now they are in New Zealand. “We feel that the health service and education are superior in New Zealand.” Missing family has been Caroline’s main challenge since moving to Rotorua but she says the lifestyle here is the best thing. “We are surrounded by beauty – it is just lovely. I would recommend Rotorua 1,000 per cent and wouldn’t consider ever moving back to the United Kingdom.”





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