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Name Brian Richardson
22 years
Works at Scion
Rock climbing, caving, off-road running, orienteering

Moving to Rotorua was quite a random thing for Brian Richardson.Over 20 years ago he wrote letters to people around the world looking for an interesting job and got offered one at the Science Research Institute (now known as Scion) in Rotorua, which sounded exciting so he moved here.

He says his lifestyle is very different to what it would have been if he had stayed in the United Kingdom.

“It is quieter and particularly in Rotorua you have access to wilderness, the outdoors and so on, which you could never do in Britain.”

Brian owns a 40-acre block here and again says he couldn’t have done that in the United Kingdom. But he thinks these types of opportunities are declining significantly in New Zealand. He says the small population means there is not so much over-crowding, cars on the road and other large population issues.

He is keenly involved in lots of outdoor activities including rock climbing, caving, off road running and orienteering. And while he did take part in these things in the United Kingdom, he says one of the best things he has found in New Zealand is that the small population means being able to mix really easily with elite athletes.

“You would never get the chance to do that in the United Kingdom because of the numbers of people involved. As an ‘average’ person, I find it inspirational to be able to meet and see these top athletes competing.”

“I would definitely encourage people to come and live in Rotorua because it’s a great place. I think it is amazing to have access to great recreational activities and places like forests, mountains and beaches.”








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