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Location and Lifestyle Lead Andrew to Stay





Name Andrew Whittaker
16 years
Executive Assistant Manager, Millennium Hotel, Rotorua
Soccer - playing and coaching junior soccer, squash and badminton

Andrew Whittaker was travelling around the world when he came across New Zealand and thought it seemed like a nice place to live.He says Rotorua is a beautiful city with good job opportunities and it is very central. “The quality of life here is far superior. It is convenient, and there are opportunities for family lifestyle. It is family orientated.”

The cost of living is similar. Initially, Andrew says, it was cheaper but it seems to have gone up a bit. But property values, especially in Rotorua, are better than in the United Kingdom.

Andrew is actively involved in soccer – both playing and coaching his sons’ junior soccer. He also plays squash and badminton. He says in the United Kingdom sports aren’t as convenient to participate in as they are here.

With regard to his sons’ education Andrew says he has found the standard to be very good. “The schooling is excellent. The teachers are approachable and ensure the kids learn and have opportunities outside of school.” Andrew says his biggest challenge on moving to Rotorua was settling in. “It is a slower pace here and the United Kingdom is much more built up.”

But he says the best thing is having a completely different lifestyle here. If the family had stayed in the United Kingdom Andrew says they wouldn’t have been able to afford the same type of house there. It is also convenient for promotion in work / career in Rotorua - especially in the hospitality industry.

I would definitely recommend Rotorua because of its location and lifestyle. It is central to everything and the population is not too large.” Andrew says he has no intention of going back to live in the United Kingdom. “There are much better opportunities here for our children.”



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