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For new and established businesses in Rotorua, a substantial range of proven and competent support providers exist. The size and nature of the business environment in the district fosters strong links between many businesses within each sector.
The philosophy of "co-operate to compete" is a proven winner within local industry clusters in the tourism, forestry, engineering, education, spa and health sectors. The business environment in Rotorua is a dynamic and forward looking one which welcomes innovative thinking and a progressive attitude.
Rotorua Employment and Career Opportunities
The last decade has seen Rotorua enter a period of substantial growth and development. The Rotorua District Council has played a leading role in developing a progressive and active programme to create a stimulating environment for existing and new businesses. This has been supported by the district's well-developed infrastructure and abundant natural resources, including access to geothermal energy.

Rotorua's central location is enhanced by highway access to the major export ports of Tauranga, Napier and Auckland, along with direct links from Rotorua Airport to Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Rotorua Airport is one of the busiest domestic terminals in New Zealand, with excellent links to all major cities. The roads both around and within Rotorua are constantly being upgraded and improved. Rotorua also has excellent telecommunication reception and transmission facilities for regional, national and international link-ups in all major modes. The district's labour force is stable and versatile and has a well established skills base in all sectors.

Rotorua Employment and Career OpportunitiesIn addition to Destination Rotorua Economic Development, other local business support services include, Destination Rotorua Tourism Marketing , the Rotorua Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Employers and Manufacturers Association, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and central government agencies such as the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Rotorua also has a broad base of services directed towards business development by professional groups such as accountants, lawyers, surveyors, architects and engineering consultants, along with an array of research and development organisations such as the Waiariki Institute of Technology and Scion Research (Forest Research). Also active in Rotorua are the New Zealand Institute of Management and other specialist industry groups within forestry, tourism, education and health.
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Introduction to the Escalator Service

The New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) Escalator service is aimed at assisting business growth by providing innovative small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurial New Zealanders who need capital to expand, diversify or commercialise a new concept with skills and assistance to access investment opportunities.

Through the Escalator service participants can develop a greater understanding of the issues around funding business growth, learn when additional investment is needed, what the options are and how to progress. Some may also gain help in securing equity investment and/or a strategic partnership via the specialist Escalator brokers.

Companies or entrepreneurs showing strong potential to attract investment are eligible for the Escalator service.
It is provided throughout New Zealand for NZTE by four independent brokers and EDANZ (Economic Development Association of New Zealand).
The Escalator service has been developed to address one of the main hurdles to growth for the thousands of SMEs and entrepreneurs in New Zealand, the lack of access to and understanding of equity/venture capital or strategic partnerships.


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