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Current Projects 

Locally generated energy:
Produce a current position & opportunities analysis report by March 07

Immigration & lifestyle:
Produce a perception survey of Rotorua as a place to live, work, learn, invest and do business report by March 07
Produce a Rotorua live, work, learn, invest & do business marketing strategy by Dec 06

Produce a business case for the development of the “NZ Sustainable Wood Futures Centre” by Dec 06

Water quality: Work with SCION to produce a regional “waste to gold” development plan by March 07
Water quantity: Produce a report on the economic development water capacity for growth in the Rotorua district by Dec 06

Land use optimisation:
Produce an economic analysis study around alternative land use options available to land owners in the district by March 07

Research & development:
R&D profile raising campaign and a clear Rotorua R&D funding access programme by March 07

Relationships & communication:

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