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 The Mandate of the Board

The BrightEconomy Advisory Board was established to drive the implementation of the Rotorua BrightEconomy Strategy with the aim of creating a Rotorua environment that will celebrate, encourage and stimulate economic growth. The Board was established by the BrightEconomy Appointment and Review Panel in September of 2005, and operates under a memorandum of understanding with the Rotorua District Council (RDC). The Board was established to lead in the development and debate of ideas, to provide facilitative business leadership in collaboration with others, advise and evaluate relevent enconomic development issues and to propose ways to enhance and grow the economy. The main purpose in establishing BrightEconomy Advisory Board was to ensure ownership of the BrightEconomy strategy and its implementation by the business community. BrightEconomy Advisory Board acts as an advisor to the RDC.

Board's Principal Operation


Sustainable local economic development is the key to growing the Rotorua economy and the underlying principal of operation for BrightEconomy Advisory Board. Sustainable local economic development involves much more than developing land, creating jobs and revenue. The ultimate goal is not to build ‘this project’ or attract ‘that company’; rather the goal of sustainable economic development is to improve the standard of living and quality of life of the citizens as such, economic development is a process, not an end product. It is a long-term approach to building community capacity. It involves the co-ordination of a variety of activities: infrastructure, employment training, business retention, the identification of new markets, the development of alternative industries, and the transfer of knowledge. Sustainable economic development seeks to create higher incomes, more or better jobs, more productive enterprises, a strong tax base, and the opportunity to alleviate poverty while contributing to better social, environmental and cultural outcomes. Successful economic development initiatives are derived from and build on a locality’s inherent strengths.

BrightEconomy Appointments and Review Panel

The BrightEconomy Appointments and Review Panel has been established for an initial three year period to undertake appointment of the BrightEconomy Advisory Board and to review board performance on an annual basis.
The purpose of establishing the Panel is to provide an independent mechanism to establish the Board but through organisations that have a wider mandate due to representing the community or sectors of it.
It is about endeavouring to provide a mechanism that brings together the public and private sectors in a collaborative manner and having an apolitical approach to establishment of the Board and its ongoing operation, without it being driven by one particular organisation or sector. It is establishing the approach that will be key to the success of BrightEconomy.

The “BrightEconomy Appointments and Review Panel” consists of the following people:

  • Kevin Winters – Mayor Rotorua District
  • Peter Guerin – CEO Rotorua District Council
  • Christa George – Rotorua Chamber of Commerce rep
  • Warren Harford – Tourism Advisory Board rep
  • Gifford McFadden - Federated Farmers rep
  • David Sanford- Forestry & Wood Processing sector rep
  • Tom Walters- Te Arawa FoMA rep
  • Bryce Heard - BrightEconomy Advisory Board

Whilst organisations will appoint people to the Panel, they should consider appointing the best person to undertake the role the Panel has.

  1. The Board Chair once appointed by the panel is the key in selecting the remaining Board members.
  2. External advice was made available to the Panel to assist with the appointment of Board members.
  3. The Panel strived for consensus in appointing Board members. Where this was not possible then a majority of 7 was required to appoint any Board member.
  4. No Panel member is eligible for appointment to the Board.

To download the full document on the terms of reference of the Appointment and review panel follow this link:>>Terms of Reference Click to Download Reader


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