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Advisory Board


The BrightEconomy Advisory Board, established in September 2005 by the BrightEconomy Appointment and Review Panel operates under a memorandum of understanding with the Rotorua District Council, is made up of 11 leading Rotorua business people, working with Destination Rotorua Economic Development to drive the implementation of the Rotorua BrightEconomy Strategy.
The board has four key roles of leadership, communication, advice and evaluation, and facilitation and operates under the principal of sustainable economic development.
The main purpose in establishing the Board is to ensure ownership and anchoring of the strategies, and action implementation with the business community, and for it to act as an advisor to the Council in particular Destination Rotorua Economic Development.

Since the board’s establishment in September 2005, they have been through a rigorous facilitated five step critical thinking process called the “Rotorua future insights process 2005 – 25”. This critical thinking process identified nine major drivers of change that will have significant impact on the global, national and Rotorua economies over the next 20 years.
From the identified drivers, the board have identified a credible nine point economic development framework articulated below which will assist both council and the wider district in gaining some clarity and focus around the future of the district’s economic growth and development over the next twenty years.
This framework has robustness, differentiation and global sustainability as it builds on our natural comparative advantages and focuses on turning them into sustainable global competitive advantages.

This framework is captured in the BrightEconomy Advisory Board's simple vision statement
“Leading Prosperity Naturally”


"To lead the Rotorua business community in pursuit of the outcomes generated by sustainable economic growth."

  • Thinking globally acting locally
  • Identifying and communicating new and prosperous strategic directions
  • Partnership and connectivity
  • Anticipating managing and being adaptive to change



"All aspects of quality of life"

  • Economic
  • Environment
  • Social
  • Cultural



"Building our natural comparative
advantages and turning them into
competitive advantages"

  • Sustainability
  • Utilisation of Rotorua's
    natural resources

  • Leadership
    To take leadership for driving the implementation of this strategy, and advocating for relevant Rotorua economic development issues, locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Communication
    To lead the communication on strategy progress and encourage business & Government community participation.
  • Advice and Evaluation
    To provide advice on and evaluation of relevant economic development initiatives & issues to the EDU, RDC, EBOP, Government Agencies & the business community.
  • Facilitation
    To facilitate forums, undertake research & identify & build the appropriate public / private sector relationships & partnerships required to progress the strategy.

    The BrightEconomy Advisory Board is about:

    • More than creating jobs
    • Improving the standard of living
    • Infrastructure, business retention, new industries
    • Higher incomes, better jobs, more productive enterprises, a strong tax base
    • Building on Rotorua’s strengths
    • About creating an environment from which the private sector can both access and take advantage of.

    The value of the board is in:

    • Leading development of public-private partnerships for economic development
    • Providing impartial private sector economic development advisory capacity
    • Through Future Insights to provide credible long term sustainable economic development strategy
    • Sourcing funding leverage opportunities to drive strategy implementation

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